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In addition to a new post, I’ve also finally completed a long standing todo list item of migrating my blog from Blogger, and updating the home page at the same time. What a combination a global pandemic and a finished thesis are.

I ended up using Academic Pages, though had not intended to. Primairly I wanted a easy way to export the old blog content, and Jekyll provides such import features.

After serving locally succesfuly, I tried to find a theme but being not that familiar with Ruby quickly found I needed more time than I wanted to spend would be needed to try themes etc locally. Along with way I found Academic Pages, and it ticked all the boxes; top of the list was that it could replicate the bare bones links to my various profiles (Twitter, Google Scholar etc) and contain my blog. It is desigend for GitHub hosting, and with such a low barrier to get going, well, here we are. Granted this kind of thinking is how I ended up on Blogger in the first place, but you’ve got to back the decisions you make at the time.

With GitHub, as with Blogger, there is also the easy transfer of a custom domain name, ensuring that if I ever move again I can take the blog with me. In a previous life I worked in domains and hosting, and perhaps that need to be able to migrate and start again has stuck with me. So, this is the new blog and website, until the next time.