Old News Update

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I know know, an update to this blog? Are we not suffering* enough!?

A lot has happened however since my last post, and I neglected to relay the news here. I'll be brief, as this gargantuan thread goes into great detail thanking everyone:
and this year, just in the nick of time **:
A graduation ceremony is amongst the many Things That Will Have To Wait Until After, but I am incredibly fortunate to have reached this milestone, and to be working in research at the moment. I'm sure for many,  PhDs may be delayed from starting, interrupted, or extended in 2020, and I'm very lucky. Taking the time to blog and reflect on things certainly fell by the wayside in the home stretch, of my thesis and if there is anything to be taken from lockdowns and working at home, it will be to slow the pace a little and post here more often***.

* This is a Covid-19 reference, for those reading this in the future.

**  Pandemically speaking.

*** Maybe.