First Post (The Post That Hurts The Most)

1 minute read


The first post, as is well known, is the post that hurts the most.

I find the first post hard because there is a temptation to try and make it a perfect representation of what the blog aims to be: full of interesting content, written for large audience and a valuable resource to others in the field - with a few jokes as well.

But since none of those things are true (yet), all I can say is that this will simply be a bioinformatics blog with tips, tricks, challenges and (hopefully) solutions that I come across as a bioinformatician.

My background prior to bioinformatics was in software; I learn more about biology every day, and many posts will be about biological that I learn that I find new or exciting. They may be quite pedestrian to those with a deeper knowledge, but one of the best things about being a bioinfomatican is the exposure to such a wide variety of biological knowledge and I.d like to share that as I go.

All views expressed are my own etc etc, not those of my employers or groups I am affiliated with etc etc.